Three key things your website needs to have

May 12, 2019
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3 Must Haves Your Website Needs


MAY, 2019

Getting your business website on the right track

We at Tiger Digital know a thing or two about getting a few boxes ticked to get your website on the right track. We’ve been designing and developing simple and complex websites for over 10 years, but there’s a few fundamental basics that every website needs to ensure future success. They may be obvious but we see so many business websites that are missing these 3 key ingredients; we hope to share these with you.

accurate website - Three key things your website needs to have

Attenton to detail

Your website needs to be up to date with all the services and products you offer. All the pricing needs to be spot on and all checked over too. Your contact details need to be up to date as well and consistent; if your business is on Cherry Tree Street, make sure it’s like that wherever you’ve registered your address, keep the word “Street” as “Street” and not “St.” or “St”.

Any old products, out of date discount codes and way past it’s sell by date competitions need to be removed. 

Keep your posts alive, even if you haven’t done a blog post for 3 years, just start creating small posts again to create momentum and get back on track. 

Your customers will take a mere few seconds to decide whether to stay on your website or not – so make everything count

ideas start here - Three key things your website needs to have

Your customers will stay on your website longer if it’s easy to use

Having been on that side of the table, we know what it’s like to deliver client’s expectations to strict deadlines. We also know that you will need a smooth seamless service, as you’ll be giving us work, as well as tending to the needs of your clients, a full circle balancing act.

We can both deal with yourself as the white-label, or if you like for a more in-depth conversation, directly with the client. No prices will be discussed nor will we promote Tiger Digital, everything will be handled tactfully and professionally.

SEO and being fully responsive

We’ve touched on getting the balance between SEO and web design in a previous post, as well as making sure your website design looks good on mobile screen to desktop monitor. These will all help with aligning your site to what search engines like Google like to see your website have; they’re easy enough things to achieve but we see so many websites that have missed the important of SEO and screen responsiveness.


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