Computer Repairs Sutton

  • Computer crashing and / or freezing
  • Popups
  • Smashed Screen
  • Slow running machine
  • Viruses and bugs
  • WIFI issues
  • Keyboard replacement

Computer repairs Sutton services, NO FIX NO FEE! If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, then call one of our friendly engineers who will assist and diagnose and FIX as much as possible over the phone with you for FREE.

If we’re unable to fix for FREE over the phone, then let’s arrange a collection, just hit the button below!

computer reepairs sutton - COMPUTER REPAIRS SUTTON


Some laptop and computer repairs and fixes can be performed over the phone. We’ll explain to you over the phone, how we can remotely control your machine from our HQ and watch us take control of your latpop while we chat to you on the phone at the same time.

You’ll get the first hour of remote support FREE so if we have fixed your issue within 60 minutes then you don’t pay a penny!

A broadband internet connection is needed.

Onsite Visits To Fix Your Computer Or Laptop

Computer or Laptop overheating? Sounds like the fan is going into overdrive and about to take off?

These are just some of the hardware issues our customers come to us with, we’ll visit you, collect your machine, fix the issue and drop it back at an agreed time slot. All for a FIXED FEE!

Our support goes further, if we notice you don’t have the appropriate internet security on your laptop, we’ll install it on your machine and show you how to use it as well for FREE.

We operate in the London and Surrey area, specialising in computer and laptop repairs in Sutton. We know the area well, right from Sutton Council all the way across to the Kimpton Trading Estate!

Remote support for the first hour FREE!





If your postcode starts with SM1, SM2 or SM6 we’ll fix your machine for a reduced hourly rate of £25 per hour!

Computer and Laptop Services Sutton


Laptop Power Jack

Snapped off at the WORST TIME? We can repair broken or damaged power jack or ports for your laptop


Motherboard Repairs

Random shut downs? Could be your motherboard, we can replace these, we’ll quote for a new one plus labour.


Fan Replacement

If your laptop is making a large fan noise or whirring, it could just need a clean or replacement. We do both.


Pop ups, Viruses & Bugs

Constant popups, malware and spyware can be worrying, let us clean your machine and make it healthy.


Keyboard Replacements

Your keyboard may be damaged after water spillage has got through the keyboards, we can swap it out easy.


Faster Hard Drive - SSD

An SSD drive can really boost your laptop, it will load e.g. Windows faster and feel smoother.

Remote Computer and Laptop Services Sutton

Most problems that occur on your laptop or computer can be fixed remotely. If it’s a small issue, most of these problems can be fixed within 30 minutes, however if you’re experiencing several problems at the same time, it could take upto 60 minutes.

Currently, we are giving you your first 60 minutes of remote support for FREE!

We’ll guide you through over the phone to allow us to safely connect to your machine. You’ll chat to a friendly, warm and patient support engineer who will use good old fashioned plain english to explain to you what’s going on and how the fixes will be applied.

If the fix re-occurs within 7 days, let us know and our team will fix it again for FREE. If in the unfortunate event we’re not able to fix your issue remotely, then we’ll have to arrange a collection to repair or fix your laptop in Sutton and the surrounding areas. Our price list is here.


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