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Divi Web Design

Divi web design has been in our blood since we remember, from the day we test drove it we do not use anything esle to build our websites. It is an amazing page builder, that not only comes with an abundance of free templates and depending on which Divi package you purchase, you get FREE support as well. For life.

Divi Website Design Services

We first used to use WordPress themes, sticking to how the structure was built, changing colours and text fonts. The more clients found our services were helping them, the more we were getting asked to tweak and change WordPress theme layouts. So much so, to the point where we ended up changing theme layouts, page designs and more. So we thought, as designers and not coders, there must be something out there that’s flexible and easy to learn. Divi doesn’t require any coding knowledge but will allow us creative design and individuality. So we love Divi.

Divi is a WordPress theme and page builder, you can find more information by the organisation that built Divi, Elegant Themes. They offer 3 different packages, all affordable, depending on your budget, you can go for cheaper option of a year’s subscription for $89USD. The lifetime package is for $249USD which is a one-off purchase. You can even try before you buy, so there’s peace of mind too.

We were and still are blown away buy the Divi website builder. In the early days, it was all sections, columns and rows and although this way of page building still exists, the Divi visual builder has taken page building to another level. As designers, this is a dream, we can easily build bespoke uniquely designed pages, drag text and images to where we like and most importantly, show our clients how easy it is to use for themselves.

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Mobile responsive design using Divi

Mobile responsive design using Divi is a doddle, within the page builder you’re able to set the page in full mobile view and make changes LIVE in the visual builder. However, there’s only 3 generic views to see how your design looks, they are DESKTOP, TABLET and MOBILE view. These have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. For example in TABLET view, you’ll be able to cover a few tablet resolution sizes out there. You’ll still need to know a bit of CSS, to cover the vast majority of tablet screen sizes. Luckily we know a thing or two about CSS.

The WordPress theme builder that is DIVI

Without DIVI we wouldn’t be here and that’s a simple fact. Yes, we could have become coders and yes we could build our own themes and supply them to our wonderful clients however, why re-invent the wheel if Divi already exists? First and foremost we’re designers, the ideas for our designs that we come up with, after we’ve understood our clients’ business direction, are all an absolute pleasure to build using Divi.

The last but not least feature about Divi which we love and cannot believe they offer, is FREE support. Yes, FREE. If it happens and it has in the past, we’ve needed to call upon the help of the amazing people at Elegant Themes to help support which something that’s made us scratch our heads about Divi. They respond in a timely fashion and always offer a fix or solution.