Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality – Top 5 Ideas In 2020

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MAY, 2020

Web Design tip #1: Divi Web Design For Hotels And The Hospitality Industry

A well designed and well thought out layout for a hotel website can impact on how it engages with it’s hotel guests. Travellers are more technically clued up these days, laptops for work, mobile phones for their Instagram, video and audio tech for their vlogging travels, the list goes on. The top websites provide not only great visuals of their site, but also, where the proof is in the pudding sometimes; social reviews such as Google reviews and Facebook reviews.

A DIVI website for your hotel can make the difference between visitors and actual bookings

Divi Web Design Hotel Template – IT ALREADY LOOKS GREAT

As far as templates go, right out of the box the DIVI Resort Template as it’s known, already looks great. All that needs to be customised is a booking form plugin which we’ll touch on later.

divi hotel web design layout - Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality - Top 5 Ideas In 2020

Depending on your budget, apart from the template above, a bespoke customised look will be the way to go, we like the design of this website for Center Parcs:


centerparcs - Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality - Top 5 Ideas In 2020
  • Clear logo and menu in header
  • Clear hero image with clear message
  • CTA button
  • Booking section where you can immediately choose your accomodation right from the very landing page

Complete customisation allows flexibility across your hotel website, spa website, self catering website, etc. focussing on the benefits you offer such as multiple locations, services, price range, facilities and special offers for example.

Web Design tip #2: Targeting Your Guests

darwin forest - Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality - Top 5 Ideas In 2020

Straight away the hero image here shows a luxurious getaway feeling, woodland lodge, outdoor hot-tub and even the word LUXURY is used in this simple but great impacting web design for Darwin Forest Luxury Lodge Holidays.


  • Targeting customers with professionally photographed images of actual accomodation as oppose to stock images
  • Luxury feel, for the guests that have stressful hectic work or family lives and want to unwind
  • Hot-tub in the image as a selling point, knowing you’ll be getting a spa type service to your holiday break

Web Design tip #3: Optimising Your Hotel Website For SEO

Competition is fierce for your hotel or self-catering lodge, not only are you competing with those locally around you, you’re also competing online and your reviews will account for much of how online traffic is directed to your site.

There’s many online travel agencies that will search multiple resources for you and provide you with a single simple list of accomdations to choose from, but travellers are more and more booking thier holidays directly with the hotels. With this in mind, the following are vital for your SEO:


  • H1 title tag for your homepage
  • Metadata
  • On-page SEO
  • Keywords and long tail keyphrases to help your hotel appear in search rankings
  • Blog posts
  • Social media
  • Reviews from your guest

Search engines are looking for critical information to produce in search results for your guest such as pricing, seasonal opening times, check in and check out times and special offers.

Web Design tip #4: DIVI WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins

BOOKING PLUGIN - Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality - Top 5 Ideas In 2020

They say the best things in life are free, so they say, but you may find that paying for a hotel booking plugin for your Divi WordPress website will be well worth it. There’s a useful post we found here detailing some premium booking plugins. Fundamentally, when looking for the right plugin for your hospitality business there’s two sides to consider:


  1. The side which the guest see’s, i.e. live pricing, availibilty, accomdation options, etc.
  2. The other side will be what your business and staff see’s only, whether to hide room availability, price changing, room changes, etc.

The main features that these types of plugins share are the following, which will most likely apply to most hospitality and hotel businesses across the board:


  • Ability to book and pay for a reservation online
  • Ability to cancel a booking online
  • Guests can choose to book immediately or later
  • Setting custom fields in your booking form to e.g. accept discount codes
  • Using calendar to book +/- 3 days from booking date chosen
  • Multiple payment solutions such as Paypal, 2Checkout and Stripe
  • Real time availability of your accomodation
  • Manage price rates, availability and advanced payments

All these plugins are easy and straight foward not just to customise, but for you and your staff to use. When managing a stressful and busy hotel, the last thing you need is a clunky frustrating website.

Web Design tip #5: DIVI WordPress Mobile Friendly Hotel Web Design

hotel mobile website design 1 - Website Design For Hotels, Self-Catering And Hospitality - Top 5 Ideas In 2020

Travellers and guests not only want to make their hotel bookings on the go, but they want to check them on the go as well.

Having your website mobile friendly is a must these days with over 50% of internet traffic is taken place on mobile devices. Your website should look great on a desktop monitor or laptop and should also look great and be user friendly on a mobile device too. Prioritising things as pricing, booking information, account logins should all be visible and well thought out especially on a small screen device.

Finally, a Divi mobile friendly hotel website is also search engine friendly, Google likes this and it will help your site appear in search rankings, so make sure your website is both optimised for SEO and screen size optimisation. Divi makes it extremely easy to make your website mobile friendly, with it’s drag and drop builder, there’s no need to know about coding.


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