Get a startup website built. What’s involved and where in Surrey to start. Web Design For Startup Business.

April 04, 2019
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Make it look good and they’ll stay on your website. Do something great for them and they’ll tell their friends.


APRIL, 2019

Web Design For Startup Business from me

Your friends tell you to get a website. Your family asks why you haven’t got a website yet. Your customers ask what your website is. You’ve started off small selling your services or products to friends and families, you’ve plastered your pictures and prices all over social media, but why haven’t you got a website?

A good website design; when I say good, I don’t necessarily mean one with amazing graphics or animation, or mouse interaction, but one that serve’s your business’ purposes, can be a valuable online marketing tool.

A website behaves as your shop window into your business whether you’re selling recycled phones or providing childcare services, it’s somewhere your customers can see what you’re offering and feel your brand.

mobile - Get a startup website built. What's involved and where in Surrey to start. Web Design For Startup Business.

Build your own website in WordPress

You don’t need to know any code to build a website and with WordPress, there are many templates that you can get for your WordPress, either paid for or FREE, they mostly come with intuitive page builders that need no training whatsoever. Mostly drag and drop, you can manage your content yourself. You will need to be slightly tech savvy, like how to set this up from a control panel when you get your host package, but a good host will provide details how to do this; if I can do it, so can you! If you are a beginner with WordPress though, you may find it time consuming to build all this yourself and you may find it easier to pass your content onto me and I just build it all for you. I use DIVI, which is a page build from Elegant Themes, I absolutely love using the drag and drop page builder it’s as easy as this.

If you get a website from me, you get more than just the drag and drop knowledge, you’ll get my experience, my opinion and my SEO knowledge too.

I am UK based, all the work I do is done by me or by someone also in the UK.

mobile - Get a startup website built. What's involved and where in Surrey to start. Web Design For Startup Business.

Using a WordPress freelancer

If pots and pans are piling up, orders are flying in for your latest new urban meal that customers can’t get enough of, then you may want someone else (ahem, me) to build your website.

Going with a freelancer, let’s say, me (smiley face emoji), you’ll be working directly with me and all the work that is produced is done by me. My strength is design, so if there’s something you need that requires complex coding – then I’ll outsource and let you know of course.

A few things that I can take care of, which I know can be apprehensive for a startup business:


  • Homework – I’ll do the research and plan how best to get your website going. We’ll chat about colours, branding, imagery and the customer’s journey on your website.
  • Google likes mobile friendly websites, so we’ll both you and I make sure your website looks great on your latest iPhone as well as it does on desktop.
  • When you contact me, you’ll get through to me and get your solutions from me – no need to be put through to a team, bounced around from reception to end up hearing “we’ll get back to you”.
  • Now, your website is ready to LIVE – now what? Who is going to see it, how will it be maintained and what’s the next step? We can discuss your needs and see how online marketing for your brand spanking new website can help.

How do we make your idea, existing service or products as well as branding all come to life through a website?

It can be daunting to know where to start, but that’s why I am here to help with the process. Here’s a few of the things that we’ll run through to get your website from concept stage to LIVE stage:


What exactly is it that you do, sell or provide?

I’ll need to know about what it is that your business does or sells. Knowing about you helps too, your business culture, the kind of customers you have and the kind you want to look for too.

What if you’ve already got a website?

Let me know the pros and cons – what you like about it and what you don’t – does it have a Content Management System (CMS)? How old is the website, is it mobile responsive and does it deliver what you need? Does it have any existing optimisation or SEO on it already?

Who are your competitors?

How can we get ahead of the crowd and get noticed, could your new or existing website do with a newsletter plugin to capture email addresses? Maybe a LIVE chat plugin to reach out to your customers shortly or even as soon as they land on your website?

Who are your customers?

How do we make your users get the best experience they can when they visit your website? If you have a team or are a one-person-band business, let me know what your user experience should be when a customer lands on your website, do you want them to email first, or generate leads through phone calls?

Timescales, monitoring and the future

How soon you want this website LIVE is important too, so we can manage the timescales and agree milestones for each stage. Once your website is LIVE, how will you know how well it’s doing, with regards to visits, sales or sign ups – we’ll need to agree and discuss what exactly it is you want, in order to know how to best advise how to manage your site after it’s gone LIVE.


This is a challenging one but the more realistic price we can agree on to deliver your needs, the better for both of us. It’s best to give me a broad range of your budget, so I can present to you different levels of options each providing different solutions to your budgetary needs. I’m always transparent so feel free to ask if I can include something within your budget, no matter if you feel it’s too extravagant, we can always compromise and meet in the middle.


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