How to convert visitors into sales on your Divi eCommerce site in these easy steps

June 1, 2021
Getting people to your Divi eCommerce website is one thing, converting those visitors into buyers is quite another. As the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt, even as restrictions are starting to be lifted, people are still home more often than not. This means increased opportunity for an online business to make some much-needed revenue.
With that firmly in mind, we have some tips on encouraging those sales and converting your Divi website visitors into paying customers.

Use Call to Action buttons effectively

You have probably heard of Call to Action buttons or links, and you likely know what they are too, but how to use them effectively? That is the question. The ‘trick’ is to properly ask, or encourage, your visitor to take the next logical step in the process toward doing business with you. That next step is going to be defined by the page that the visitor happens to be on.
For instance, if they are on the pricing page of your Divi eCommerce site then the next logical step would be to view your pricing plans – and also be sure to use the kind of language that speaks of the value of the product, not the cost.
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Consider using a sticky top bar on your Divi eCommerce website

You have probably seen these on other websites, and they are popular because they are effective. Their non-obstructive nature and email capture capability make them ideal. Essentially a sticky bar will appear at the top, or the side, of a website and will stay there while your visitor browses through the pages of your website.
For instance, you might have a sticky bar that encourages people to sign up for sales alerts, whereby they receive an email from your website when you have a sale on.
Because the bar is ‘sticky’, it will remain within the eyesight of the visitor no matter where on the site they happen to be, or how far down a page they have scrolled – the sticky bar will always be there, as a gentle reminder.

Enable Live Chat

Live Chat is an increasingly popular way of connecting with customers. Many customers prefer live chat over email and phone calls because it offers the immediacy of a phone call but without the fuss of actually making a call or possibly having a question misunderstood.
During live chats, you can also request visitor email as a mandatory first step to initiate the chat, or you can ask them for it further into the conversation. In addition to capturing visitor data, such as email, you can also begin to learn about customer needs and expectations and use this to your advantage in your marketing efforts.
There are several ways you can implement Live Chat on your Divi eCommerce websites, such as Zendesk, WhatsApp and Facebook to name just three of dozens.
live chat divi - How to convert visitors into sales on your Divi eCommerce site in these easy steps

Build a blog for your eCommerce website

You have probably heard this one more than once, and there is a very good reason for that. Blogs and blog posts are great for your marketing efforts. They are a direct form of communication between your business and your customer base – both existing and future. Customers and prospects have questions that they need answering, and your blog posts can provide the answers before they even ask the question.
The more information, and even industry news, that you can provide (before they even become customers, and with no strings attached) the more they are likely to trust you as a source of information and as a brand.
divi blog - How to convert visitors into sales on your Divi eCommerce site in these easy steps

In conclusion

Your customers need to feel valued and informed, and they also need a way to reach out. Each of the points mentioned above enables and reinforces at least one of these in some way. Of course, having a properly and professionally designed Divi eCommerce website in the first place is going to help a lot. If you need assistance in converting your visitors into customers, we can get you started with the right website design and layout. For more information on that and more, get in touch with us today.

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