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How to make a Divi eCommerce site in 2021

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Is Divi still worth using in 2021? Has it improved and what’s next?

eCommerce websites have been around from almost the start of the World Wide Web (not to be confused with the ‘internet’). They are a great way to generate income, expand an existing customer base, and turn your hobby into something saleable.

Creating one of these sites may well seem a little daunting, but with the right tools and guidance, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Assuming that you have already decided on a domain name (, for instance, is our domain name), and a hosting provider (there are lots and lots to choose from), then you need to decide on two other things:

• What will your platform be (WordPress for example)?
• What theme are you going to use (Divi for the purposes of this post)?

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes/plugins in the world, with well over 700k users globally. One of the reasons for its popularity is its ease of use, not to mention the flexibility that it affords. Using this incredibly powerful tool does require WordPress, but that is not exactly a bad thing either – one of the most flexible themes in the world, running on one of the most flexible platforms ever created… What’s not to love?

Creating your eCommerce website with Divi

When creating any website you need to think carefully about navigation – this is even more important when you are selling something, whether physical products or digital services. A set order menu system, and consistently in the same place on every page, is not just logical but the customer expects it.

As with branding, consistency with your navigation choices is paramount – site visitors make a like or dislike decision in seconds. Make them count.

Your visitors need to be engaged

Using Divi you can create just about any design for your site that you can imagine, but it needs to be engaging for those visiting your website. Using interactive elements is an excellent way to do this. Expandable FAQs, page arrows that encourage clicks, short (emphasis on short) videos (not autoplay, nobody likes those) all help.

You need to use the right wording for your CTAs (Call To Action) too, as action verbs have been shown to encourage more interaction. Action words can be things like “start”, “learn” or “buy now” are all extremely effective.

divi store layout pack - How to make a Divi eCommerce site in 2021
A fashion divi store, premade layout, included when you purchase Divi.

Valuable content is king

Sharing content that is not just relevant to your customer, your brand, or your prospects but is also timely (get imaginative with trending hashtags) is going to drive traffic to your Divi eCommerce store.

Videos, text content and images (even trending topics, relevant of course, can be shared with your unique take on it) are great for search engines too. Advertisements are all well and good but organic traffic is far more valuable.
One thing to remember when creating content for your website, keep engagement, branding and consistency in mind. Relevant images, preferably in your brand’s colour palette, help to keep readers engaged.

Keep your checkout streamlined

Let us not forget the base purpose of an eCommerce site – to sell and make money (even charity sites need to turn a profit, however modest). When thinking of streamlining your checkout process, you have to remember to keep your customer in mind – do you think that they want to be made to jump through hoops or go through seemingly endless steps to buy a product?

Most people today are very impatient when it comes to shopping online, so if you make the process too long or cumbersome they are going to go somewhere else.

Amazon has this part nailed down with their buy now button. Of course, this option only works if you have an online account with them and store your payment details. That being said, once registered, how convenient is that little button? Be like Amazon. Streamline your checkout process.

And finally

There are a lot of things that go into making any website, and more when it comes to building an eCommerce store. Divi can help enormously with many of these, such as structure and implementing shopping carts and the like.

Be sure of your site before going live, test every function of the site to be sure everything works as it should and nothing is standing in the way of your website being a huge success.

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