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Laptop repairs in Sutton and the surrounding areas. Slow PC or laptop? Keeps crashing or freezing? Naughty popups or ransomware? DON’T STRESS – we’re here to help, support and fix your tech gremlins and gripes.

We’ll explain things in good old fashioned plain English, our reliable experienced and friendly genies will offer fixed prices for your peace of mind.

On-site Tech Support

  • Warm, patient and smiley engineers
  • Home or business on-site visit
  • All makes & models PCs / laptops
  • Virus removal
  • Wifi set up / booster
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ransomware
  • Backup & restore

Laptop Repairs & Fixes

  • All makes & models laptops
  • Cracked screen fixes
  • Random crashing fixes
  • Troubleshooting & virus removal
  • Ransomware & anti-virus
  • RAM and storage upgrades for a boost
  • Water damage
  • Slow running fixes

Tablet & Mobile Repairs

  • All makes & models tablets and mobiles
  • Cracked screen fixes
  • Random crashing fixes
  • Liquid damage repairs
  • Battery replacements & upgrades
  • Backup & security
  • Email sync and config
  • Android or Apple iOS

Call A Friendly Tech Genie To Wish Your Tech Troubles Away Right Now!

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Laptop Repairs – Sutton, Mitcham, Surrey

Laptop repairs and services in Sutton, Mitcham and the London surrounding areas; when your Windows laptop breaks down it can be stressful and frustrating but our Tech Genies are here to help:

  • Screen replacement – cracked screen or lines appearing? We can fix that, call a Genie now
  • Running slow – we can do various upgrades e.g. RAM upgrade to make your laptop faster
  • Virus & popups – strange behaviour, random crashing and freezing, our Genies can fix it all
  • Battery replacement – if your laptop dies as soon as you take it off charge, or runs out quickly a battery replacement is the cure

Remote I.T. Support in Sutton and London

Online remote laptop or computer support, allows us to fix your problems over the internet; we’ll connect to your machine remotely and fix your issues:

The Benefits

  • Screen sharing – we’ll see what you see, we’ll be on the call with you at the same time so we can fix your issues while you watch
  • Value for money – remote support is cheaper than an onsite visit, we can also connect to you at your convenience
  • Professional & experienced – our Tech Genies have over 20 years of tech experience and can fix all your tech queries
  • Healthcheck and remote clean – if you have bugs, slow or freezing issues or need important data backed up and / or moved to a different location we can help
  • Remote software – there’s loads to choose from but here’s one that works really well – TeamViewer


Get in touch with us for a FREE no obligation quotation on your tech issues, our Genies will listen to your needs and give you a FIXED quotation to get your I.T. problems solved.


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