Our Top 5 Hacks to Get Your Website Working for You

November 11, 2019
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How good is your business website working for you?


AUG, 2019

Our top 5 most useful hacks to get your website working for you

When you are communicating the benefits of them getting a website from you, selling them free this and that with bells and whistles may not exactly be what they want. Some clients if not most or all clients, want to know, how will their brand new flashy website, bring them online sales leads?

There’s SEO, PPC, social media marketing, blogging, Google snack pack listings, local SEO and the list goes on… but with all these marketing aids to get you some deserved website traffic, you’re going to need a few design hacks and tips applied to your website first. If your noticing your website has an increase in traffic but no increase in site conversions, or a high bounce rate then you will need to review how good your website is working for you.

So below are our top must hacks to crack on your website correctly, before starting any SEO strategy for you to get online business leads.

1. User friendly design and call to action

It might not seem obvious, but it really is a must, your homepage should have a READ MORE, CLICK HERE, PRESS ME type button. Preferably within the landing banner of your homepage. Make it obvious, stand out and subliminally tell your visitors to act on the call to action to move to the next step. A call to action button can aslo stand out in the top menu bar.

2. Visible contact details – make them clear

Every page should have your NAP, that’s: 

N – Name

A – Address

P – Phone number

Your NAP details are important not only for your prospective visitors to easily spot them, but also for SEO. Obvious places to place your telephone number is in a static header and the footer. You could also place an email address here too. Making contact details easy for your visitors to see, makes it easier for them to contact you. Without making them obvious, you’re more likely to have your visitors leave your website quickly if they cannot find a way to contact you. 

Phone number – make these bright, stand out, bold and clear. You can go the extra yard and make your telephone number a call to action by making it a click to call button so that when clicked or tapped, will launch the visitors default dialling solution. 

Contact form – sometimes for whatever reason if your visitor is viewing your site out of normal hours or from overseas, they won’t be able to phone you, therefore the next best form of communication is a contact form. Make these short simple and easy to fill out and try to have them on your product pages as well as your contact page. 

Address – your website visitors may just want to see that your location is physically close to them. 

These elements all add to driving traffic to your website and are fundamental for a local SEO strategy

3. Content is king

You can hire a good copywriter to write your content about you and/or your business, but so long as it’s readable, as good grammar, relevant and contains clever key words and long tail keywords, you’re onto a winner. Never copy and paste from another website that’s just a no no and you’ll get heavily punished for such a thing. Just don’t do it. 

unique copywriting content - Our Top 5 Hacks to Get Your Website Working for You

When writing make sure to include your business name and squeeze in the local areas you want to focus on, for example, we’re based in Carshalton and want to focus our local SEO on this area. This is part of SEO strategy. You should also be mentioning your services and/or products that you provide. 

4. Integrate 3rd party plugins, calendars and newsletters

If you’re a hairdresser and take bookings online, then you’ll need your website to work for you, have you got a calendar or booking plugin installed? It is tools such as these that help your website run seamlessly. Another tool to have on your website is to create a newsletter plugin, create ideas to hook your visitors to give away their email address, usually “tips” or “secrets” to your business will peak interest. Also if you have something like a Zoho CRM attached to your business, then why not install a Zoho CRM plugin to compliment your site? 

5. Use what a fifth of all websites use to build websites – WordPress

20% of all websites in the world are built using WordPress. That’s saying something. WordPress allows you to manage the content of your website yourself, it’s fully mobile responsive, there’s hundreds of themes and templates for you to use, both free and paid and the best of all, you don’t need to know how to code to use WordPress. We can help you with a beautiful WordPress designed website, fully SEO compatible and built in the user-friendly DIVI theme. 

Summary: If you use the above 5 hacks to get ahead of your business competitors to build your new website for your business, or even if it’s a refresh of your existing website, then you’re already heading in the right direction. It’s crucial to get these 5 elements cracked, so that the next stage which will be heavy marketing for your website, drawing up an SEO strategy plan will be that much smoother and long lasting.


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