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I haven't got content, nor images but I need a site fast - help!

Not a problem. So long as you’ve got a domain ready such as, I can do the rest. I can provide images, text and handle going LIVE for you too. If you’re a startup, I’d love to help, I know how it feels starting your own business so I’m here to make things that little bit easier for you.

How much will a website cost me?

My sites start from £199 and I have a massive library of template sites for you to choose from. Need a custom build website? No problem, just contact me for a fixed personalised quote for your bespoke design.

Will customers find me via Google search?

In short yes – different businesses take different times to show up in Google search. I’ll set up the title and meta tags for your site which is the stepping stones to getting you onto Google.

Will my site be mobile screen friendly?

More people are surfing via their handheld devices, so your site will not only look cracking on mobile devices, but tablets too.

What do you need from me to get started?

If you’re a startup, then all I need is your domain and logo. I handle the build, text, images and testing before agreeing a LIVE date with you. If you’ve already got text and images – great – give me what you’ve got and I can get cracking.

How long will it take for my website to be built?

In most cases it will take 48-72hrs, depending on how easy it is for me to get content from you.

Will I be able to change the text and images myself?

Yes, you’ll have full control. Once your site is LIVE and fully paid for, I’ll set you up with an admin account and you can edit text and images yourself. All my sites are built using WordPress and the Divi theme.

How do I pay for my website and are there any hidden costs?

There are absolutely no hidden costs, everything I offer is clear and easy to follow. When starting a new project, I ask for 50% payment to start and then 50% final payment before going LIVE. Of course, only once you’re fully satisfied with the site and it’s fully tested.

How much will web hosting cost me?

FREE – for the first year. If you continue to host with me, the cost will start from £99 per year thereafter, depending on your site’s needs and the platform needed to run it.

Will my website be secure?

Yes – all my websites that I host will come with SSL and Google prefers sites that are https secure. If your site does get hacked or infected, I offer a backup and restore service.

What happens if I need my site maintained and updated regularly but I don't have the time?

I offer a maintenance service on all my sites at an additional cost of £50 per month.

Ok, my site is LIVE now, what happens next?

I offer maintenance support if you’re too busy to maintain your site. Also, if you need digital marketing to get customers driven to your website, I also offer SEO solutions too.

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