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MAAP ad hoc work



1. Blog page - I will build you a custom blog page to fit with the design/ brand / look of your existing site. The blog page will be responsive, which means it will be designed and built so that it looks good on mobile phone/tablet/laptop/ desktop. I will also build you a blog post, using the text from the about page, section entitled "The Journey of (Qr Code Resource Key Ring) MAAPP and the LinkIndex Keyring". This way, your blog page will have at least one blog post inside it.

2. Voucher code - I will create a solution whereby you can give a discount code to your customers e.g. QR50 and once a customer inputs this discount code in the COUPON section of the basket page. To start I'll make the discount 50% but we can adjust it to your liking.

3. Text edit - I'll go through the site and make sure if it says 400 resources I'll update to say 1000 resources

4. QR code - I can change this but please provide me the new QR code.


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