If you have an existing website, or want a new one and looking for SEO in Croydon; then let’s see how we can help your business to page 1 of Google for your keywords. Rest assured, the SEO work carried out on your website is all done from UK based SEO lovers. A lot of clients that come to Tiger Digital are a result of bad experiences from designers or developers that have over promised and under delivered.

Our aim is to grab as much audience in your local area and drive them to your website; users are now searching for what they want based on localisation so if your business is in Croydon or the surrounding areas then SEO and optimising your website in the correct way will help get your online business seen by the right customers.

Croydon SEO Services for businesses in Surrey

How does SEO in Croydon work?

Users are looking for your Croydon based business, however they may not be based exactly within Croydon and may reside in the surrounding areas or within Surrey. They’ll be searching for your business through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and will be using certain keywords or phrases to find you. Your keywords / phrases needs to cover and reach out to the surrounding areas, so that users further afield can find you.

If we take for example Google, they like to see IBL’s (inbound links); also if Google see that people are visiting your website and not running away (bounce rate) then Google likes that too. They also want to see a mobile friendly website design too, so it has to look good on both a desktop monitor and your phone. There’s a few other strategic things we can do to help with your SEO in Croydon campaigns, contact us and see how we can help.