SEO in Mitcham marketeers or experts will help you drive traffic, especially local SEO traffic to your business, aiming to convert leads into sales. Searching for SEO companies near by or marketing companies, you need to be able to trust they’ll do a good job for you and not promise you the earth. Our SEO services are tailored to your business and local area, we’ll look at what competitive niche keywords will work for your business and help you increase your online presence.

Local Search Engine Optimisation services for local businesses in Mitcham

Small business SEO services for your area

By now you should have a beautifully designed fully functional and mobile responsive website from us; now is the time to start letting everyone know about it, especially your potential customers. If you run a small business and focus on getting local customers to connect with you i.e. local plumber, electrician, builder, etc. then we will need to discuss a plan that will work well for you. We’ll discuss your main keywords that you want to be searched for on search engines like Google and Bing and we’ll also discuss more niche long tail keywords as well, which will help your website be found online.

Blog posts are also another fantastic feature to help with SEO and as all our websites are built using WordPress, which was initially built for blogging, it’s an absolute doddle to get started. Your blog posts title should be engaging and draw the reader to follow through and read the full article. Inside the article you can sprinkle a few of your keywords to help, but be careful of not “keyword  stuffing”. Break your blog posts into logical and meaningful sentences and paragraphs, make your images relevant and give them an appropriate filename e.g. SEO-IN-MITCHAM.jpg not like the default DSC12_img.jpg file name, that your camera might give to it. Giving your images descriptions and alt tag descriptions also help with onpage SEO.

Google 3 Pack Map Ranking

Setting up Google my Business (GMB) is essential if you want to rank within the google 3 map pack. It’s the top 3 results that show at the top of the page with info, contact details and map location of these businesses – you can be sure that they didn’t get there by luck – planned SEO work was put in place to achieve a place in the map pack rankings. There are several Google tools that you can use to help get you into these top 3 hotspot positions, GMB needs to be on point, directory citation listings, onpage and offpage SEO, backlinks, social media, etc and the list goes on. This may sound overwhelming, however it’s a service we offer for your business, let us do your local SEO for you, getting you in the 3 map pack for the locations you desire, while you spend time and focus on running your business. A low cost website design, that functions well and is fully mobile screen responsive is a good starting point to then take on further SEO and online digital marketing services with us; we constantly have special offers as well.