Should I use Divi to white label my sites for my clients?

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Should I use Divi to white label my sites for my clients?

Using Divi to white label your client sites? If you aren’t, you probably should. Almost a third of all websites on the internet today are built using WordPress, but looking at the majority of them you wouldn’t realise it. Unlike Blogger (Google’s offering), WordPress is highly customisable.

That being said, many still look very generic – there are tons of free themes out there that people can use, and the paid themes are very reasonably priced… But they are all still widely available. What makes a website truly unique? White labelling.

Before we address the question of whether you should use Divi to white label your client sites, let’s take a moment to fully understand what white labelling a site means.

What is it to white label a website?

Essentially, white labelling a website is the process of rebranding your website to make it uniquely yours (or, as in this case, your client’s). With customised branding on the back and front-end, consistency is created but also an enhanced look and feel of professionalism.

The client’s business is reflected in the dashboard for every client user that accesses it. In wiping the default branded assets and replacing them with the client’s own (front and back) you create a unique website.
With the Divi plugin, especially when used together with the premium theme of the same name, you can create client sites that can never be found anywhere else.

What is Divi? Glad you asked.

divi white label web design - Should I use Divi to white label my sites for my clients?

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What Is Divi?

So, what is Divi? Divi is a premium WordPress theme, and a stand-alone plugin developed by Elegant Themes. Divi allows users to design WordPress sites using a ‘drag and drop’ design method, and it is one of the most popular website builders in the world with 700,000+ users.
Divi is much more than just a theme, it is a framework that allows for the designing of stunning websites (in the right hands) without the need for dozens of separate and disjointed plugins. That last point is important for two reasons…

• There is much less to maintain and keep updated
• The more plugins a site has, the higher the potential security risk

Ease of use is another important part of Divi, and as you are building sites for your clients you can also use it to make the back-end more, or less, accessible as needed. This means that if a client employee, or other user, logs into the dashboard they can be ‘locked out’ of certain aspects as the client requires – while still seeing the client branding, as opposed to WordPress or Divi branding.

Why use Divi to white label your client sites?

There are lots of reasons why you should use Divi, over other site builders, and they should be looked at closely. WordPress has lots of free site builders in the repository, so going for a premium option may not seem like the obvious choice. With that in mind, here are some of the top reasons why you should be using Divi to white label your client sites.

Truly unique and professional client assets

Client branded assets including logos and colours. Projecting a professional image for your clients is just as important as creating them for yourself. With Divi, you can do this for them both on the user and the client-side of the site.

Improved site security

Certain customisations can be made, such as altering the URL for the login page, that will improve security. Many would-be hackers use automated tools when looking for company sites to ‘get into’. A ‘unique to you’ login URL prevents them from finding the login page in the first place.

Simplify the client experience

White labelling using Divi, which makes it much easier, can also involve streamlining the client experience in the back-end. By ‘hiding’ certain assets and functionalities from the client, when they are logged in, they are presented with only the aspects that they need. This not only clears up clutter but also simplifies the experience and avoids confusion in the long run.

These top three are of course not unique to Divi but combined with the professional look and feel of the final build that Divi provides and the insanely easy to use interface, they do make Divi a must-have for white labelling your client websites.

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