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Responsive web design means that your website will look and feel great on any screen, from desktop layout, all the way to mobile screen. Google now recognises mobile friendly websites for rankings and this is good practice for SEO.

UX / UI stands for user experience or user interface. It’s important for your customers to navigate easily around your website so that they get a good feel for your business. Each business’ UX is different and we’ll need to think outside the box to make sure we understand what your customers will want and expect from the moment they land on your home page. Spacing, imagery, content, buttons, links, calls to actions and forms, you name it – they all contribute to user experience on your website.

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Fully mobile phone responsive, SEO friendly web designs which all have been built using WordPress and Divi. Your ideas, projects and business brands, brought to life.

Ready To Start? Here’s How The Process Works

Your Idea to Design Stage

We’ll need to meetup or chat over the wires, whichever suits you best. We’ll need to know what ideas you have for your website, what your business is about and who are your ideal customers / clients. We’ll also need to know who your competitors are, your services or products and your branding. Together we’ll agree a strategy and layout for your website and agree timeframes.

First Draft & Tweaks

The first draft design of your homepage will take 2-5 working days. Quality design takes time, however I fully understand if you want to get things moving! It’s natural to make changes and tweaks, so we’ll sit down, discuss and agree all changes to all your pages / functionality and get all your content on. Once all final changes are agreed and actioned, we’re more or less there.

Website Launch Day

We’ll make your website LIVE after thorough browser and device screen testing has been done. We’ll also let Google know you exist. Let the world know about your website, post on social media and invite all your customers / clients to take a look. We won’t stop working together too, as we offer SEO and website maintenance support, to make sure your online business keeps ticking over.

Fancy Some Traffic And Sales Generated From Your Website?

We have several SEO packages to suit your needs, just let us know the keywords and phrases you’d like for your website to show up in Google as well as other bits of information to get something tailor made for you.

A well designed website, with good user experience and good SEO, are all things that help with generating traffic to your website. We want customers that visit your website, to stay there for as long as possible; eventually contacting you via a web form or a phone call.

That’s how we want traffic to work for our website! The customer’s experience of your website is powerful, how they feel and what persuades them to push that button to contact you is all to do with how they perceive your website and how it works.

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"Fast and accurate"


Fast and accurate work completed as always by Tiger Digital – we continue to use across our projects!

Talon Golding,

"second to none"


Extremely professional, talented and capable team which I would recommend to any business. Their ongoing support is second to none.

Chris McKeown,

"10 out of 10 for professionalism"


Fabulous in every way! Tiger Digital are very creative, innovative and explain the process every step of the way. Finding a web designer is not an easy thing to do…Tiger Digital thank you!

10 out of 10 for professionalism, communication, efficiency…my list goes on.

Onto our next website!

Talon Golding,

Custom Built Ordering Or Ecommerce? We Do Bespoke Development

The code we know like the back of our hands is CSS and HTML, a little bit of everything else too like Javascript and PHP. If we can’t work out a particular bit of code, we always find someone that does, we’re resourceful like that.

If you need something built bespoke to your site, like a membership area for your local cooking class meet ups or whatever you’re looking for functionality wise, I can help. All development work is tested thoroughly and I recommend SSL for your site as a must.

Out of the box you’ll get a Content Management System (CMS) with WordPress, I’ll show you how to use it, so you can manage the content of your website yourself, change text and images and find that purchase order from your latest online sale.

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