WordPress Elegant Themes – Divi Theme Review in 2021

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Is Divi still worth using in 2021? Has it improved and what’s next?

One of the most highly rated and downloaded WordPress themes on the market today, Divi is the creation of Elegant Themes – themselves one of the most influential theme stores in the world. Divi is feature-rich and, in the right hands, can be used to create some truly unique and beautiful WordPress themes.

What makes Divi so popular? Let’s dive in and take a look at our review of Divi in 2021.

Flexible and powerful site-building with Divi

Upon purchasing Divi, you are receiving two products – a theme and a plugin (Divi Builder). This is not unusual with Elegant Themes, however, because all themes that they produce are shipped with their propriety drag-and-drop builder. This is no bad thing, as it allows for the easy creation of customised websites – with practice.

With the Divi Builder’s editor, you can create great-looking layouts of your own by dragging and dropping elements, rows, columns etc. and it is very easy to jump right into without complex tutorials.

Everything that you put down can be removed very easily should you need or want to, all it takes is a single mouse click.

traditional divi page builder editor - WordPress Elegant Themes - Divi Theme Review in 2021
The traditional page builder, robust and reliable and still arguably the goto builder to make sure you get your design looking near perfect.
divi visual builder - WordPress Elegant Themes - Divi Theme Review in 2021
Without doubt, a brilliant page builder. Build as you go, see it while you build – I don’t think we’ve seen any other page builder this intuitive and easy to use.

Ready To Go Layouts

When you buy Divi, you don’t just get the theme and the builder – you also get hundreds of layout packs that are ready to go. These layout packs are complete but fully customisable layouts that you can throw at your website to help get it up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. They’re all mobile screen friendly too, straight out of the box. This makes for building 5 to 6 page websites a doddle.

Making use of packs like this is very helpful if you do not have the time or inclination to start from the very beginning. All you need to do is choose the pack that more resembles what you want to achieve, and customise from there until is perfect for your needs.

Elegant themes get a lot right with their products, and this is just one example.

divi premade layouts - WordPress Elegant Themes - Divi Theme Review in 2021
An abundance of layouts, from all sorts of sectors business areas, there are templates to satisfy if not all, but most design needs.

The Divi Library of Layouts

Each layout pack was put together with a specific type of site in mind and they each include 7 or 8 pages that are best suited for that type of website. Because these layouts are prebuilt, and with ease of use in mind, all that is required from the end-user is for the layout to be imported to the theme and for content to be added.

The Divi team have also said that a new pack will be added to the layout library every week. If that isn’t value for money, then what is?


Plugin Compatibility

Divi supports a wide variety of plugins. For instance, if you are starting an e-commerce website, Divi supports WooCommerce out of the box. If you are not aware, WooCommerce is perhaps one of the best e-commerce plugins available.

With Divi’s wide range of prebuilt layouts and the WooCommerce plugin, you have everything you need to quickly build the online store of your dreams. And yes, Divi has pre-built layouts for digital stores, too.

divi woo modules - WordPress Elegant Themes - Divi Theme Review in 2021

Specific woocommerce based modules from Divi, allowing you to custom build you eStore. How many other themes offer that level of customistion?


Divi is offered on two different price plans – Yearly and Lifetime. Their most popular plan, by far, is the yearly option which is $89 per year. There is also the Lifetime option which is a one-time payment of $249.

Both of these plans allow you access to Divi and Extra, as well as the plugins Bloom and Monarch. As you would expect, there is also access to theme updates, guarantees, premium support and unlimited usage.

Prices given are in USD but they do convert to your local currency – whether that is a good thing or bad is going to depend on where you are in the world. In the UK, for instance, the pricing translates to (at the time of writing) £64.36 and £180.05, respectively.

We’ve got the Lifetime option, and couldn’t recommend it enough. You can make your money back as soon as you sell one website!

The Verdict

Overall Divi performs exceptionally well. There is a wide range of features and tools, enough that it would take far too long to list here, certainly, that will make for the relatively easy creation of whatever website you need.

For what is on offer, including the pre-built layouts, the asking price is a steal and it deserves a thumbs up just for that. All in all, it is hard finding anything bad to say about Divi or Elegant Themes. That being said, there have been some known bug issues, but with constant updates released and the 24/7 excellent online customer support, it’s hard to fault anything. Don’t forget the silly amount of forums, social community groups for conversations and support plastered all over the internet, you can find the Divi answsers to your grips within a 5 minute online search.

They do offer a free trial too, so we would encourage you to take a look at that.

Two thumbs up here, overall. Exceptional value and a great product.

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